Understanding the need of the travelers and to cater to the requirements of Travel & Tourism for the North - East India, Himalayan Elite in Adventure & Tourism, as our name suggests is the biggest Tourism organization in this part of India and we are all determined to prove it. We are tour operator with innovative products, services and global distribution channel. We have twice bagged The National award for Tourism promotion in the North Eastern Himalayan region as ‘The Best Tour Operator” given by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. HEAT’s (Himalayan Elite in Adventure & Tourism’s) website is a storehouse of information on places like Darjeeling, Dooars, Kalimpong, Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal etc. We present history, brief about the area, general information, interesting statistics, places of interest, fundamentals of trekking to specialized trekking routes, tour packages, list of national parks, sanctuary, tribal and home stay, festivals, birding, safari, biking etc. Further information on contact person, booking forms etc are also made available for easy and fast access. The website is updated on a regular basis. We very well understood the difference between & expertise required in handling a traveler while traveling “To a Destination (Incoming Tour)” & Traveling out of Home town (Outgoing Tour)”. In order to cater these factor correctly, the company has been maintaining two divisions namely


Wholesale Holiday maker for North-East India ……. To the incoming travelers to Sikkim and Darjeeling & other parts of North-East India, particularly for Pelling, Gangtok in Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Mirik, etc in North Bengal and Sikkim in India. We support current and future travel / tourism requirements by leveraging cutting – edge systems, networking and manpower. We provide an unparalleled service and working environment in North East Himalayan region. Trekking, Birding, Home stay, Eco Tour, Biking, Adventure, Angling, Safari, Cultural tour……The list goes on. We know that satisfied Tourist / Clients / Customer ensure growth. Tours packages be it economical or luxurious is all time tested.


Your Home Travel Consultant …….To cater to the Outgoing Traveler to other parts of India & World and thus pave way for an interactive service. We have our ongoing research, database analysis, creative process, global networking and excellent range of product and price. We also ensure consistent and logistic support across global venues. Tickets, passport visa…….You name it we take care. Similarly Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, America, UK, Paris, Australia………we are there too. We try to transform tour planning into reality. Accurately anticipating customer needs and then deliver a product that exceeds expectation and ensures growth. Services are provided promptly, efficiently and economically. Tour consultants are ready to serve you any day any time
HEAT caters for all travelers so check our hot spots, send a mail, contact us over telephone, make a booking, or just search the site for company maps, travel information, things to do and places to stay. For further information regarding our organization please visit our respective section i.e. about us and what we are, what we do and how we do.