Myanmar is officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and borders Bangladesh, India in the west, China in the north, Laos and Thailand in the east and the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal in the south. The country covers a size of 676,578sq Kms.

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) was coined the Golden Land for its rich cultural history and natural resources. A country that has endured several decades of rise-and-fall empires and military dictatorships, it is now a coveted tourist destination.

• Yangoon (RGN) Airport – Has direct Flight connectivity from Kolkata (CCU) and via & stopover flight to Mumbai (BOM), Hyderabad (HYD),Bangalore (BLR), Delhi (DEL), Chennai (MAA).
*Notes: It is always wise; to kindly reconfirm flight operations for the smaller airport

• You can cross over from India to Myanmar directly via road from Imphal, the capital city of the state of Manipur. The two connecting villages are Moreh (on the Indian side) and Tamu (on Myanmar's side). You can hire a local taxi from Imphal until Moreh and then cross over to Tamu by walking.

The best time to travel to Myanmar is from November to February.

The Northern regions of Myanmar are the coolest, with average temperatures of 21 °C (70 °F). Coastal and delta regions have an average maximum temperature of 32 °C (89.6 °F). The Climate of Myanmar has a significant impact on tourist arrivals.

Two weeks is the perfect amount of time to explore Myanmar. If you have less time, you can still have a great experience but it requires careful planning. At a minimum, five days is enough to give you a taste of the country's history and culture by visiting two of Myanmar's “Big Four” destinations Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle lake.

a) Cultural – For Cultural Tourists, the area offers Colonial Yangon & Swedagon Pagoda, Temples of Ancient Kingdom of Bagan and many more. The Pyu ancient cities are a must-visit if you wish to know more about civilisation. There are three locations in Myanmar with Pyu cities appointed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Halin City, Beikthano City and Sri Ksetra City.

b) Adventure – These include day hike, mountain trek, bike tour, scuba diving, hot air ballooning, island hopping.

c) Special Interest Group - For Socio development the Myanmar Tourism have initiated lots of CBT (Community Based Tourism) initiate, where guest could stay in local villages homes, where they get to experience pottery-making and learn the people’s way in local agriculture

d) Other Activities - Special community services such as charity, support to orphanages etc. can be incorporated.

Communication plays a very important role in staying connected, wherever one goes. Since 2014 the mobile & internet connectivity has improved drastically. Telecom operators like Telenor, Ooredoo, Mytel and MPT (Myanmar Post & Telecommunications) have good networks, This operator also provides calling card, which are now generally available for a cheap K1,500. Cards work on a top-up basis, with K1000, K3000, K5000 and K10,000 cards available. The operators offer fast 4G coverage in population centres such as Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw. SIM cards and top-ups can be bought at numerous street-side retailers in downtown areas, as well as at Yangon and Mandalay international airports and in most larger towns, cities and tourist sites.

Myanmar is completely safe when it comes to travel, especially when females are concerned or even solo female traveling. All tourists are greeted & treated with respect. The people of Myanmar are very polite and friendly.


a) Passport must have at least (6) months validity.
b) Need to upload one color Photograph (4.6 cm X 3.8 cm) taken during last (3) months.
c) Visa, Master, American Express, JCB credit cards or Alipay are accepted for Online Visa payment.
d) One can read more by visiting the link

Processing information
a) The validity of e Visa approval letter is 90 days from the issued date. If it is expired, entry will be denied.
b) Length of stay is (28) days from the date of arrival in Myanmar.
c) e Visa service is non refundable.
d) You will receive an email acknowledgement within 1 hour after successful payment.
e) The processing time is up to 3 working days (Myanmar time) for normal Tourist Visa, and 24 hours for Tourist Visa Express Service. In all cases, processing time starts when the application acknowledgement e-mail is sent, after application is submitted and online payment is successful.
f) Tourists must stay in registered hotels, motels, inns, guest house and resort during your stay in Myanmar.
g) The applicant should complete individual personal data whether passenger is FIT or package tour.
h) There are Restricted Areas for Foreigners and Tourist travelling in the country. For more information of restricted areas go to
i) e Visa is a only valid for a single entry. Re-entry will require a new visa.
j) Currently passengers with an e Visa enter via the following :
• Yangon International Airport
• Mandalay International Airport
• Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
• Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint
• Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint
• Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint
• Tamu Land Border Checkpoint
• Rih Khaw Dar Land Border Checkpoint
• Htee Khee Land Border Checkpoint

Passport holders from the following countries do not require a visa for tourist visits of up to 14 days if entering and departing from Yangon, Mandalay, or Naypyidaw International Airports. If you would like to stay in Myanmar over 14 days, or wish to enter or exit from any of the International Land Border checkpoints, then please apply for the appropriate e-Visa
1. Brunei
2. Cambodia
3. Indonesia
4. Laos
5. Philippines
6. Thailand
7. Viet Nam
8. Japan
9. Korea, Republic
10. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
11. Macau Special Administrative Region of China

a) All tour operators comply with the below conditions
• Tours should not involve entry into restricted areas without a permit and tour companies are required to submit an explanation if visitors request entry into a restricted area
• Tours should comply to, be responsible and held accountable for permitted tour programs including supervising staff and tour guides.
• Tour staff should receive proper briefing in order to comprehend conditions, directions and orders the Directorate of Hotels and Tourism, Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and regional government organizations.
• Tours are required to constantly be updated about the conditions and directions given out by regional administration departments in order to present comprehensive explanations to visitors.
• Unusual incidents are to be immediately reported to Branch Offices of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Tourist Police Forces or Police Stations for quick assistance.

b) Getting Around in Myanmar
• Please request a map when you visit the local tourism office.
• Please ask for directions if you are not sure of your location.
• Please plan ahead so you can spend a memorable time in Myanmar.
• Please be careful when crossing the road.
• Please take precaution when travelling during rainy seasons.
• Please carry a light bag, to avoid draining your strength as you explore Myanmar.
• Tourists are requested to wear appropriate clothing. The local people of Myanmar are sentimental about places of religious worship and hence do not appreciate revealing clothes.

c) Travelling Essentials in Myanmar
• Travel Brochures/Guide Books/Booklet.
• Passport.
• Visa (Find out more about visa requirements here).
• Photocopies of travel and personal documents.
• Insect spray.
• Basic first-aid kit.
• Torchlight.
• Extra towels and socks to cope with the humid environment.

d) Interacting with the Locals
• The locals are friendly, helpful and polite.
• They are always eager to help, as long as you ask politely.
• The people love to hear you speak their language.
• They will be delighted if you join them in their celebrations.
• Please refrain from behaving inappropriately in public.

e) Did You Know?
• In Myanmar, the head is the most respected part of the body. Touching someone’s head is considered disrespectful and aggressive.
• Pointing with your foot is highly discouraged as it is rude to do so. Tuck in your legs when you sit and remember not to let your feet face Buddha shrines.
• Extending your right hand and holding your forearm with the other when receiving things from the locals is a sign of respect and courtesy.

f) Protect the Environment
• To prevent excessive plastic waste in the country, bring your own water container and refill it when you run out of water.
• Water is scarce in Myanmar. Save water by turning off the tap when not in use.
• You can return brochures and maps to where you got them from for other tourists to use and help to save paper.
• Opt for eco-friendly modes of transportation.
• It is highly discouraged for you to pet or feed animals in wildlife sanctuaries.
• Visit sanctuaries with experts who can guide you to a safe up-close encounter with wild animals.
• Refrain from purchasing wildlife-related products.
• Refrain from consuming the meat of endangered species to battle illegal wildlife trade.
• Please do not cut or break tree branches in sanctuaries and forests.
• Please do not throw garbage into water bodies.

g) Protect Myanmar’s History and Artifacts.
• Please do not climb the ruins of historical and religious sites.
• Please ask for permission if you are unsure about entering important areas.
• Please ask for permission before touching religious or historical items and when you do, please be careful when handling them.
• Please do not remove any precious artifacts from historical, religious and archaeological sites.
• Please do not buy protected historical and archaeological artifacts.
• Please do not accept gifts in the forms of protected artifacts.

h) Culture and Traditions of Myanmar
• Please respect the customs of the people.
• Please be aware of your reactions and comments about their culture.
• Please ask for permission before you take any photos in case there is a religious programme on.
• Please refrain from using flash when you take photos of people conducting religious rituals.
• Please dress decently and remove your shoes and socks when visiting religious sites as a form of respect.
• Please understand the traditions and culture of a region or state so that you can display appropriate behavior when you travel to the area.
• Please note that it is disrespectful to touch the monks.

i) Tours that require Prior Permission in Myanmar
• Caravan Tour: Only applicable to tourists entering with personal vehicles/motorcycles/bicycles from International border checkpoints that include Myawaddy, Hteekee, Kawthoung, Tachileik,Tamu and Rikhawdar.
• Yacht Tour.
• Riverine Tour (Ayeyarwaddy River and Chindwin River).
• Cruise Tour.
• Chartered Flight Tour.
• Hot Air Balloon Tour and Special Package Tour.

j) General.
• The most convenient way to explore the region is to plan your itinerary around major cities, which serve as convenient base to explore remote places.
• Travelling in the Myanmar is an experience unlike any other; a little planning and precaution will ensure that tourists have an exciting and enjoyable trip.
• The area is backward but rich in Nature and the facilities available cannot be matched to those available in the other developed destinations. We strongly regret this constraint of the area.
• Every effort will be made to maintain the itinerary, in view of local strikes, landslide etc., which are beyond our control all schedule and itineraries are subject to last moment changes and any additional cost, will be borne by the guests directly.
• Myanmar is one of the safest places to travel however; one should still exercise caution while travelling. Please ensure that your belongings especially your passports, cameras, wallets and purses are properly secured. Please refrain from leaving such items in locked vehicles while sightseeing, moreover its ones responsibility to take care of one’s belonging while travelling or staying in hotels self-cautions are must for all travelers.
• Smoking in public areas is banned. People caught spitting here and there, you could be fined.
• The currency in Myanmar is MMK or Myanmar Kyat. Please check the website of the central bank of Myanmar for an up to date exchange rate. Kyat notes are available in denominations of 1000, 5000 and 10,000.
• Credit Cards / Traveler’s cheque is not freely accepted. You can use Master/Visa cards in Myanmar. Most local banks and their branches around the country have installed ATM machines and you can withdraw the cash in local currency for an equivalent amount of USD 300 per one time allowing 3 times a day to withdraw. Also most hotels (not many restaurants) have credit cards facilities with maximum 4% surcharge.
• Myanmar is 6.5 hours ahead of GMT. Yes, your read that right – Myanmar is one of 15 countries worldwide that has a half hour time difference, to allow for the sun to be more precisely directly up at noon.
• All travelers need to be in good physical health in order to participate fully on this trip. When selecting your trip please make sure you have read through the itinerary carefully and assess your ability to cope with our style of travel. The following vaccinations are recommended before traveling to Myanmar:
• Hepatitis A
• Hepatitis B
• Typhoid
• Japanese Encephalitis
• Rabies
• Yellow Fever

Notes : Please consult with your doctor and get their recommendation as well.

Custom restrictions
Import regulations with permissible limit:
• 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams tobacco;
• 02 liters of liquor;
• 150 milliliters of perfume;
• Goods for personal use to a max. Value of USD 500.-;
• Electrical and electronic goods not more than USD 500.- in value;
• Portable (video) camera, HD camera or DV camera and 1 spare (set) battery;
• Portable computer;
• Reasonable quantity of medicines for personal use.
• All jewellery must be declared on arrival. Nationals of Myanmar must hold a re-import permit for previously exported jewellery.
• All plants or plant products (seeds, bulbs, cut flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables) require a Phytosanitary Certificate and must be declared. Prohibited: host plants of pests and soil.
Note : Visitors are advised to be careful when purchasing old and used items, especially of religious or cultural significance, as such items may not be exported without a clearance certificate.


The Myanmar Ministry of Tourism’s rating system is based on a different set of standards and regulations from most travel associations. Therefore we have provided our ratings as well which we feel are more in-line with international systems.
LUXURY: These are the very best hotels available in Myanmar; while they are very nice they are not comparable to 5-star luxury chains in other countries. Some hotels may be classified as luxury not due solely to the amenities but also for their historical significance as well (an example would be a colonial hotel).
SELECTED: First Class hotels are overall comparable to an internationally 3 to 4-star hotel service. They are run very well and offer an array of premium services. You simply can’t go wrong!
COMFORT: Superior class hotels usually have a great price/value ratio comparable to an average 3-star accommodation. Don’t expect luxury but basic functions such as air conditioning, TV, restaurants, etc.
STANDARD: These are the hotels offered in Myanmar at quite low costs. They are oriented towards budget-minded travelers. The rooms will be clean and able to provide you with a good night’s sleep. However, there will be no special amenities.
Note : Hotels that are located in the remote areas, where they don’t have higher categories hotel option. For those area we use areas best property.

As mentioned above we do not work with all hotels, hence we have selected, combined & graded the hotels in such a way, so that the guest get similar standard of services & facilities at every destination / place of retirement other than requested & specific grade.
Many of the hotels do not have lift. You will have to climb stairs to reach your allotted rooms. In case any of you, have problems related to blood pressure, breathing, knee & heart or if you cannot climb higher floors, then we request you to let us know this at the time of confirming the booking / immediately on check-in, so that we handle it with care, before the Hotels assign you your room, which will be convenient than the ones quoted/reserved for you. DIFFERENCE IN PRICE IF ANY WILL HAVE TO BE SETTLED DIRECTLY BEFORE CHECK OUT.

Most hotels are located in the city, while new and higher level hotels are located a short distance from the city centre. Since the area is backward, it is obvious that the constructions of the hotels are unplanned. This ensures that most of the chosen hotels are situated in the city centre. Such hotels can have a view of the building on the front, beside or behind them. As services are not up to the mark in the area, we have made our hotel selection on the basis of SERVICES provided by them.

Majority of the hotels follows below mentioned child policy.
• Children above 11+ years will be charged 100% as per EPSR.
• Children of 5+ to 11 sharing parent’s room with bed / rollaway or mattress will be charged as per CWB.
• Children of 5+ to 11 sharing parent’s room without bed / rollaway or mattress will be charged as per CNB.
• Children below 5 years Complimentary without bed (Sharing the parent’s room).
(Hotels are very strict with the child policy. Please carry the age proof so that it can be produced when asked for).

For Extra Person Sharing the Room & Child with Extra Bed, we will provide Extra bed (Wherever Possible), but most of the hotel of our area only provides MATTRESS and ROLL OVERS as a supplement to Extra Bed.

Check in time at Hotel: 1400 Hrs / Check out time: 1200 Hrs. All the bookings are non-transferable & all in-house hotel rules will be applicable during your stay. As per Government norms valid photo ID for all members staying at the hotel is mandatory. For request such as, early check in / late checkout / extending of stay, will completely be on subject to availability.

Indian foods are available in Myanmar but no regional specific cuisines are served. The people of this area are mostly Non Vegetarian. Most of the hotels, serves both Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian food. The vegetarian food served by these hotels will be basic & cannot be compared, to the ones available, at the hometown of the traveler.

In Myanmar, there is scarcity of power production, hence power cut & load shielding is a natural phenomenon. It is advisable to carry additional batteries for camera and charge mobiles before going to bed, In case of Load Shedding, we would request you to bear with such situation. We strongly regret the inconvenience. Most of the high-end hotels do have power back system.


• In Myanmar the commonly used vehicle brand are Toyota, Hyundai & BMW. Depending on the requirement & group size, vehicle are allocated & provided.
• Small Sedan Car are provided for group size of 01 to 03 pax.
• Van are provided for group size of 04 to 08 pax
• Bus is provided for group size of 09 & above pax.

Generally in Myanmar, most of the vehicle have AC, The AC will be on when the Vehicle is on move only. While travelling in the plains the clients would need AC, which will be switch on. When the car is travelling uphill AC will be switched off. Most of the vehicle nowadays does come with music system; it is wise if you can carry personal collection of songs on your pen drive. Roof top carriers are banned in most part of the country.

Yes, there is change is vehicle sector wise and even many a time, the vehicle changes in sectors as well based on the sightseeing, where one is going.

The allocated vehicle is exclusively for you but not a disposal; it is strictly as per the itinerary. For extra vehicle usage, supplement cost will be applicable. Yes in case of mechanical failure, we do have the option of changing or upgrading of vehicle on additional cost but in case guest feels that, they want to switch or upgrade the vehicle on tour. Since the Vehicles are limited in number, cancellation rules will be applicable on the complete tour package as vehicle are contracted accordingly plus the cost of new vehicle will be applicable. In case the guest wants the vehicle after scheduled duty, then there will be additional charge.

We do not have a concept of using Driver cum Guide. In our packages, Driver is separate person and Guide (Trip Leader) is a separate person. For Domestic Tourist, Trip leader(Guide) is not compulsory, but in case of big family where 2 or more vehicle are used , it is wise to take the services of Trip leader(Guide) to enhance, travel experience & smooth operational flow of activities. This Trip leader speaks comfortable English. Here we would also like to inform you that the drivers are mainly concern with driving the vehicle with safety & comfort of the guest. They come from remote places and are not educated in tourism etiquette and some of them do not know how to speak & behave. You are requested to be soft & gentle with the drivers. Your point of contact is your Trip leader (Guide) or the FHE (File handling Executive), who is pre-assigned for your file.
All though there is dirt of professional guides in Myanmar, we have our escorts available who have good area knowledge as they have been escorting guest for quite some time now.


We strongly recommend that the guest should opt for MAPAI (Breakfast & Dinner), where they will have option of having lunch in local restaurant during sightseeing.

We do not have any credit policy hence payment option of upon arrival is not applicable. The very reason for upfront payment is that we also pay upfront payment to hotels & vendors thus commanding better price & services authenticity, which are passed to the end consumer. With the situation like room, bouncing / services disparity is not applicable as we pay in advance and demand the promised services.

Once the booking are confirmed, all booking confirmation will attract a NON WAVER FEE of INR 10000.00 per amendment + applicable cancellation if any + Difference in amount attracted due to change.


Our FHE (File handling Executive) give a call to the guest, on behalf of our booking office, informing the guest, how to prepare for the tour, what to except, taking extra request for making the tour comfortable.

• Yangon / Mandalay Airport – you will meet our arrival executive outside the arrival hall & would be holding placard in your name / or as advised.
• Morek / Tamu Surface entry – You the meeting the guide at Tamu out side the immigration office holding placard in your name / or as advised.

FHE (File handling Executive) will be your one point contact for all matters.

The same is not included as it provides the guest the freedom to choose & pay the monuments entrance fee directly as per their preference. The cost estimate is given as supplement cost in the day wise itinerary.

Many of the guests have mentioned that they have booked the tour very well in advance so why isn’t the best room allotted to them. When the client choose to travel in the month of November to February , and this happens to be the busiest months for Myanmar. Kindly be updated that the area of Myanmar are not developed like many other hill stations of the world. Here we understand very well the size of India & its population. We also understand well that most of India have festival & Vacations during these time. There are not many places where one can go for relief. Now even if 0.1% of the population turns up, towards Myanmar, the area runs out of capacity. Everything becomes chaotic. Delivering the promised becomes an issue. Patience & understanding becomes an important part in getting the tour organized & making the holiday into a memorable one. This is where our services & we come into counting.

Based on your Tour & itinerary selected, normally, the 1st Day tour Meal starts with Dinner at the booked hotel & ends with Breakfast at the booked hotel, on the last day for all the bookings on MAPAI. For APAI 1st Day tour Meal starts with Dinner at the booked hotel & ends with Packet lunch from the booked hotel on the last day.

In case of any Flight, cancellation has affected the operation of the Tours then the operating company will not be responsible for the same and the cancellation as per the policy will be applicable, we will still try our best to help the guest wherever possible to minimize the damages.

The vehicle that picks you will only do the services for that day or at the most for that particular segment. The vehicles will keep on changing base on sector & operations.

Landslide is a common occurrence in hilly areas. Expenses incurred due to change in oil price, mishaps, landslide, strike, political unrest etc. In such case, extra will be charged as per actual which will be collected directly from the guest.

We try our best to assist the guest with minor changes, wherever until & unless it does fetch financial damages. The cost for any alteration if any will be collected directly as per actual expenditure incurred.

Yes one has the option of adding extra sightseeing or add-on tours in due consultation with your file FHE. Our only request that people in mountain sleep early, hence your timely & prior intimation on changes will give the necessary reaction time to the FHE to organize better operation for you.

We make all contingency plans so that the sightseeing points do not fall on a closing day. Incase due to inevitable situation if the sightseeing falls on a closing day, it will have to be left out & cannot be carried forward to the next day. If you are taking the left out tour on the next day, you will have to pay the extra against the vehicle charges as advised by the File Handling Executive (FHE).

There will be no refund for unutilized service in part or in full, what so ever may be the reason.

Although it is unlikely that changes will be made to travel plans of a tour, due to unforeseen circumstances, Company reserves the right to alter or change a travel itinerary at any time. Most changes made by the company are minor, and the company will endeavor to inform the client at the earliest possible time. If a major change is necessary, alternate travel arrangements will be sent to the client’s last known address, detailing the proposed changes. If changes to an itinerary are known prior to the date of departure, the client will have the choice:
• Accepting the proposed changes
• Taking another choice of tour with company (of equal or lesser value)
• Cancelling the tour and receiving a refund from the deposit paid. Non-refundable deposits paid cannot be reimbursed.
For changes to travel itineraries after departure, the company reserves the right to alter or change travel plans without payment of compensation or a refund if it is in the client’s best interest to do so. Compensation, full or partial refund will not be offered if the company is forced to cancel any tour due to major force (such as war, civil strife, political unrest, industrial dispute, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, adverse weather and/or material or external circumstances before the company’s control).