At HEAT, we believe that profit is not all that should be targeted through business. As a good corporate citizen we ensure, not to hurt the interests of society, not to have any adverse impact of our operations towards, the organization, customers, employees, shareholders, communities and most important the environment which is the treasure for the generation to come. We believe that what comes from the organizational activity, a part of it has to be invested back through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) programme. Taking this forward HEAT plough back a part of it’s profit in :

  • 1. Sheltering a Old Age Home.
  • 2. Conducting Blood Donation Camps.
  • 3. Helping the needed to get the basic necessities.
  • 4. Creating awareness on environment & teaching how to act as a responsible citizen using the natural resources.
  • 5. Creating Job opportunities for those who are low on education.
  • 6. Maintaining sustainability by creating innovative business modules & products.
  • 7. We avoid:
    1. a. Disobeying local, labor, national & international laws.
    2. b. Mistreatment of Team members & associates.
    3. c. Misleading advertising.
    4. d. Cruelty & mishandling of Flora, Fauna & Environment.


Our company believes in both nature and humanity. We wish and try to enrich society, both materially and spiritually, while contributing towards the preservation of the global environment. Our aim is develop better quality of life of the community and preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environment conscience.
The wider aim of social responsibility is to create higher and higher standards of living, while preserving the profitability of the company, for peoples both within and outside the company. Together with our Team, HEAT is working to improve the communities and the world around us.

Our experts aim to excel in environment and social sustainability which includes the following area

  • Sustainability innovation to create innovative business models, products and business lines.
  • Global environmental and social standard setting to minimize projects impact on the environment and on affected communities.
  • Thought leadership to diffuse its environmental and social know-how and demonstrate the viability of private sector interventions in sustainability.

  • Growing realization of environmental issues associated with industrialization and urbanization has led to a variety of ameliorative efforts. There is also evidence that measures aimed at merely complying with regulatory requirements can prove expensive and non - sustainable in the long run. The Industrial and Urban Environment Systems Group aims to demonstrate that internalizing environmental and social concerns makes good business sense. HEAT TRAVELS AND TOURS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED focuses on preventing pollution at source through waste minimization techniques.

    Our responsibility towards the society is ever increasing and we are very much concern about our society at large. Some of our members are actively participating with social service and Non Governmental Organization. Our team members organize blood camp. Our team actively participates in any voluntary project. We follow and practice the following.

  • We obey the local/ Labor/ national / international laws strictly
  • We care for the welfare of our Team members
  • We really care for the safeguard of environment
  • We create awareness among our client
  • All our team members are locals
  • We find service provider from among the locals
  • We even support them financially
  • We avoid mistreatment of Team members and associates
  • We never have misleading advertising
  • We avoid and object to unnecessary cruelty to Flora and Fauna