Today we at HEAT Team are around 100 employees, who are governed under the Board of Directors, Group of Executive Committee & collectively responsible for good conduct of The Company. We at HEAT have 05 departments. Each department is run with the support of Team Leaders, who manages a committed & energetic team. Few of the TEAM members are here.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Deepak Gupta an adventure enthusiast, a trekker and mountaineer, who has trekked extensively in high altitude areas of Sikkim and North Bengal. Having an exposure to the Tourism industry for more than 25 years in management, operation and marketing, his planning, organization capability and skills contributes greatly to the effective functioning of HEAT TRAVELS AND TOURS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED. He has numerous accomplishments to his credit and through his knowledge; he has taken Tourism of Sikkim & Darjeeling Hills to a different height. He has been awarded National Tourism Award by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, multi times, for his hard work and constant effort to uplift the tourism of this area. He has added new dimensions to the Tourism Industry prevailing in Sikkim & Darjeeling Hills. His commitment is inspired and motivated by his love for the region and his passion for adventure.

Mr. Prakash Gupta career brings his experience of 20 years in the company. By nature he gives himself more to the human cause than profession. The area knows him for his social work. A man of words and maintains a high spirit. Believes in team work and is always available to cheer them up. He is involved in corporate & administrative affairs and has a sound knowledge pertaining to financial matters and factors which impact upon the external environment in which HEAT operates. He is responsible for our current business strategy as well as successful execution of our long term growth plans.

Mr. Binod Prasad also brings with him 18 years of experience possesses a detailed knowledge of the operations of each area having held a number of senior roles throughout the Company. Mr. Prasad career progression has supported the development of sound leadership skills and a detailed understanding of tourism & travelling. Hestrives to meets the expectations and needs of the customers and also makes sure an organization is running well in a smooth efficient manner. His significant role and focus on work helps the company to develop capabilities for future growth.

Mr. Bijay Mishra joined in year 2000 and undertakes the series of commercial roles in the company. He takes responsibility of generating revenue and business. He looks after operational matters of the company and always takes initiative to create future value. Mr. Mishra display confidence in team and scouts to build a strong team of the company. He is well versed with all the service providers and can operate anywhere in this region.

Mr. Sujit Gupta, has cross sector business experience which he has gained through a career of over 15 yrs. His role in both the sector namely,Sikkim - Darjeeling & Bhutan brings strong commercial business and knowledge to an organization. He is a planner and has a nice rapport with all possible agents of India and abroad. His work has started from the grass root level and his growth is exponential. Through his service the company has gained strength with every passing day.

Mr. Sushant Kumar plays his role& brings valuable perspective to the Organization. He primarily supervises the function of the hotels ensuring all reservationsare executed in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner.He manages to coordinate with the team providing good inputs in customer services skills. His responsibility and contribution provides regular business to the Company and the Hotels.

Ms. Asha Majhi has a significant role in the company. Her strategy and operational experience of leading organizations plays an important part in the company. She has an excellent source of knowledge in the matters of handling the customer query and problems very adeptly. She is extremely competent lady and maintains the best client relationships. She believes that to collaborate on a work, one must trust. Ms Majhi spent almost 15 yrs with the company and she is the backbone of the HEAT.

Mr. Munna Gupta has 18 yrs experience with the Company and has various financial roles within Organizations. He is responsible for accounting operations. His experience becomes the source of inspiration to many other TEAM members who joined HEAT,to grow with. He is a great team player too.

Mr. Santanu Dasgupta has wide range of knowledge and experience in information technology. He handles all technological issues that arise and completes many tasks behind the scenes which give HEAT Team a comfortable & peaceful environment to work in


Currently HEAT Team numbers to 100 heads. They contribute greatly into day to day, efficient function of the Company, with their experience & dedication. They ensure clients are more than satisfied with every aspect of services delivered. You can feel, HEAT Teams is different. They say "we work as a team, we play as a team & we constantly strive to achieve the best in whatever we do".